Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stop #59: Dressel's Public House

Well, well, well. I thought we were done with this nonsense, but here we are, back in the saddle. Apparently there's a few slingers we missed, so in our effort to make this the most complete slinger blog on the internet, we're going back on the road for some more punishement. Plus, I don't want people to think we're little bitches because we only ate 58 slingers. We're going to eat them ALL. 

Tim's Review: So we kicked off the unexpected second leg of this tour at Dressel's in the Central West End. This is my first trip to Dressel's, so I don't really know what to expect. Luckily, Dressel's didn't fully disappoint. When the skillet first came out, this shit was looking good. The smell of the chili and the sight of that sloppy brown mess really brought back some beautiful memories, but unfortunately the feeling didn't last. I don't really know what it was, the greasy chili? the sausage? This thing just sort of fell flat. The part that saved this thing was the potatoes, definitely top notch, and by far the best part of this plate. They call them “American fried”, I don't think I've heard that before, but I like it. Also, I think this was a the first slinger with sour cream, so I guess that's cool. I'm not really the biggest fan of sour cream, but I'll go with it.

This slinger didn't really come close to causing any disruptions in the original top 10, but it didn't put me in a bad mood either, so I guess that's kind of a good thing.

On a little side note, I decided to check back with one of the old classic diner hangouts this past weekend so me and a buddy took a late night trip to the Buttery for a recreation slinger. What the fuck happened Buttery?!? My eggs weren't cooked all the way leaving the white part was all runny.  Nobody likes that! Just because I'm getting buzzed into the front door of the Buttery at 1 a.m. doesn't mean I'm too drunk to notice under cooked eggs. Maybe this past year and half has just turned me into a slinger snob........ OR MAYBE someone just forgot how to cook eggs!! Get your shit together Buttery.  

Tony's Review: Man getting back into this whole "writing slinger reviews" is a bummer. I hung up my keyboard, my stretchy pants and was on an exclusive burger diet—but duty calls and a tour of garbage isn't complete until you eat all of the garbage.

Like Tim this was also my first time at Dressel's and was equally surprised by the cast iron skillet that was plopped in front of us. Just check out that picture. You can practically taste all of those bold flavors placed in front of you. Those first few bites were top notch, weird but excellent potatoes, powerful chili and all of exotic toppings. But like a hardcore band from the mid-2000s said "nothing gold can stay". It got to the point about half way through where all of those extreme flavors became too much and the chili especially was simply TOO MUCH FLAVOR (said in an @slingernick voice). Like Tim said it all just kind of went flat, like my tastebuds weren't mature enough for farm fresh eggs and other locally sourced ingredients. Regardless of how the slinger ended this was a great slinger and would recommend it to all of you jabronis.

I was still very impressed with Dressel's and decided to go back a couple of weeks later because they had something that caught my eye when I was there for the slinger...Cheddar Biscuits and Chorizo Gravy! Too bad for you this isn't a biscuits and gravy blog so I won't tell you how good it was but SPOILER ALERT it was through the roof awesome!