Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stop #28: Benton Park Cafe

Tim's Review: I've been to Benton Park Cafe so many times, this wasn't really much of an event. Although I've never had their slinger, I've had just about everything else on the menu, so I pretty much knew what to expect. This is one those biscuit and gravy types that I'm not really a big fan of to begin with. It was good, but just really not my style. I had no idea there would be so many goddamn biscuits when I signed up for this tour. I like biscuits, I just never realized they found their way on to so many slinger plates.

The best part of this guy was definitely the bacon. Nice and crispy, just the way I like it. I might say some of the best bacon on the tour, next to Copia. I even snatched up some of Tony's bacon. That guy almost never finishes a plate! The biscuits and gravy part of it was actually pretty good too and now that I think back, probably the some of the best biscuits on the tour. But that's not saying much considering any slinger with a biscuit so far has completely sucked (12th street diner, kickers corner). I was also a big fan of the potatoes, and I just realized they were in a separate bowl. Why didn't I mix that shit up!! Ohhh well.

So despite my lack of enthusiasm for this slinger, the simple fact that I'm a repeat customer will have to tell you that I like this place, but I'm just not really excited about it anymore. I'm sure I'll eat there again, but I'm sticking with the breakfast pizza.

Tony's Review: You dorks probably thought we forgot about the coveted Benton Park Cafe! HA! We were just saving this for when we needed to eat a good slinger. This place is easily one of the best places to get breakfast in St. Louis and if you're Mom is in town take her here, she will love least my Mom did. Like Tim I've been here a ton of times and will continue to come here for a solid breakfast and this place has one of my pre-tour favorite slingers.

Like Tim said this is one of those biscuit and gravy slingers so it may not be for everyone but I personally like a good biscuit and gravy slinger. Benton Park has some of my favorite biscuits, not like the flaky ones you fruits like but a nice, dense as shit beer biscuit that will put hair on your butt. This slinger is totally covered in awesome gravy that I'm sure is slowly killing me. The eggs were fine as usual and the change of bacon really fits this well versus having a burger in there. Normally their hashbrowns are some of the best in the city all full of creaminess and bold flavors but when we were there, Sunday at din-din time, they were some of the worst I've had there. Clearly these potatoes are meant to be enjoyed at breakfast hours and not long after. If you're there when the potatoes are good you should mix them up like Tim said, but in this particular case I'm glad I didn't.

Unlike Tim I love the Benton Park Slinger, even though this particular time wasn't the best I've had, it is always one of my top picks for a B&G slinger. And if you haven't been to the Benton Park Cafe yet you are not a true St. Louis resident and you need to get your ass over there pronto you jabroni. 

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