Friday, October 26, 2012

Stop #30: Local Harvest

Tony's Review: 30 big ones! 30 big piles of trash! 30 big pounds gained! Not really, we're experts at this...we don't gain weight like amateurs. This week we go to the heart of downtown and visit the new Local Harvest, you can still suffer in their tiny, annoying restaurant on Morganford or you can stretch your legs (and dick) in their spacious new downtown location in the old post office building. This place really pushes the whole local angle which a lot of people care about, lucky for you Tim and I don't give a shit about that crap so we won't bore you with where the garbanzo beans came from.

This is another vegetarian slinger, aka a hippie slinger, which personally doesn't bother me but I do enjoy the warm grasp of meat on my arteries. But like some of the previous veggie slingers we've had this one didn't fuck around and took me to a place I like to call, Flavor Country, USA. This was the first slinger we've had in a long time that came with toast which are always bonus points in our book. Start off with some good but overly mushy potatoes as your base, there could of been a little more of these but it didn't ruin it by any means. The eggs were good and cooked properly and cover that shit with some homemade, veggie chili bursting with garbanzo beans and other bold flavors, it was top notch. Then they cover that with mozzarella cheese...what?...mozzerelli belongs on 'za and 'za rollers not slingers, but in this case I didn't notice or care, it worked.

Local Harvest surprised me with their sweet new location and their sweet slinger. I would definitely recommend this to any of youz guyz out there especially if you want to impress your new girlfriend with your high class, hippie tastes.

Disclaimer: We noticed after we ordered that the slinger had a bacon option for an additional fee...I bet that would of made this even better so don't blow it like we did. Take your time dummy!

Tim's Review: This is one of those stops that I wasn't exactly looking forward to. I've never had the slinger here before, but I did hear from an insider that said it was “a little weird” (by insider, I'm referring to a former employee, who is also my neighbor (woop! Woop!)). Describing a meal as “weird” might sound like we are headed for disaster, but in this case, “weird” turned out to be a great surprise.

Since I didn't want to waste any time looking at the menu, it took me a minute to even realize this was a vegetarian slinger. This vegetarian chili was fan-fuckin-tastic! Honestly, I don't even think I realized what the chili was made of until Tony spelled it out. Good thing he's a slow eater and actually pays attention. All the parts of this slinger were done right and the nice crispy piece of toast on the side made me realize how many slinger's we've eaten that don't have any toast at all. That's a little bullshit in my opinion. One slice of bread, toasted and cut in half. It's probably the easiest part of any slinger, but it's pretty awesome when you can use it to soak up some bad ass chili. Sometimes I'll load up the fork with a little bit of everything and slide it across the top of that toast like some beautiful, brown, lumpy spread. Mmmmmm I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

Although Local Harvest isn't going to make it into the top ten, this was a quality effort and I would suggest any slinger fan to give it a try. A small stretch from the traditional slinger but they make it work and if this thing came with a solid burger patty in the mix it just may have squeezed its way onto the list.

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  1. Great blog! Some STL foodie magazine should publish these reviews. I'm glad you liked our slinger.

    Anyways, I'm a brunch cook at the Local Harvest in Kirkwood, off Big Bend Rd. While I was mixing up some burger patties today (for a lunch burger) I thought, "Let's run a brunch special tomorrow and do a REAL slinger." Our chili is awesome, like you said, so why not make the slinger even better? Then I read your review, so I can't not do it now.

    So if you wake up by 2pm tomorrow, stop by and try our slinger with some delicious local beef underneath the vegan chili. I think I'll make it a regular thing on the menu.