Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stop #31: Rooster

Tim's Review: Finally!! A gravy slinger that is worth a damn. I've never eaten at Rooster before, but I've heard good things. I didn't let myself get too excited about it though because whenever that happens I set myself up for a huge let down. Until I sat down, I completely forgot that Tony already told me this was a gravy slinger. I read the menu and immediately got really, really sad. I wasn't exactly a fan of the gravy slingers to begin with, and all the nasty gravy crap we've had on this tour so far wasn't changing my mind.

This has been the best gravy slinger by a mile. Instead of that crappy, thick, white gravy that all the other chumps use, Rooster uses a brown sausage gravy. All you other jerks that decide to pour gravy all over the plate, take note: this brown gravy shit is 100 times better than your white gravy shit. Underneath all that blessed gravy, were some great potatoes, a nice egg with a runny yolk, and a big fat piece of toast that was perfect with all that gravy I was just talking about. No biscuits (which is a good thing)!!! The only thing I can bitch about with this plate is that the andouille sausage was a bit too much for me. It was really good and had great flavor, but I think it was just too strong and over powered everything else on the plate. Plus, it was really thick and got a little annoying to chew. I think a good burger patty or maybe a couple of regular sausage links would do just fine. That brown sausage gravy is doing all the work here.

I never expected a gravy slinger to push its way into my top ten, but Rooster really impressed and squeezed into 9th on my list.

Tony's Review: First off, I don't know how Tim has never eaten at Rooster before, this place is a St. Louis breakfast must eat, he clearly isn't cut out for this. I've eaten here numerous times and to be honest I think I've gotten the slinger here all but two times. This specific slinger is long rumored to be the creation of our dear budman, Andy, who worked at Rooster during the time of its creation. Whether or not he was the main man or just the guy who brought the eggs up from the basement is to be determined...either way he was part of something great.

Tim pretty much summed up all of the main points to this slinger, an excellent gravy slinger that is above most other gravies. For me the highlights were the bread at the bottom and the gravy, I agree with Tim about the Andouille sausage being a little too much after a while and also the potatoes at Rooster always leave a little to be desired. None the less, as a whole, this slinger is top notch and is a good place to bring a babe if you're trying to impress her with your culinary knowledge. 

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