Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stop #32: Humphrey's

Tony's Review: Located in the heart of the SLU campus lies a deep fried bar called Humphrey's. Home of everything deep fried and an overdose of SLU memorabilia and photos from past alums. We had to set an alarm to eat this slinger since they only serve breakfast to 11am, pretty sure this was the first alarm slinger we've had, as you can see we're pretty dedicated to our loyal fan base. Luckily we beat the breakfast rush as we were the only people in the bar and were greeted by the scents of way too many cleaning chemicals from what I assume was an awesome time the night before.

Pretty standard slinger here, hash browns, cheeseburger, eggs, chili, cheese, toast and bonus breakfast potatoes all served on a styrofoam plate, very classy. Not sure why it came with hash browns and breakfast potatoes but it should of stuck with the breakfast potatoes cause the hash browns lacked any sort of flavor. The cheeseburger was pretty good with some powerful cheesy bites, chili was average and they get a cheese five for putting thick ass rope cheese on top of the chili bringing it to a dairy overload. To be honest I thought for sure this slinger was gonna suck but it actually ended up being a solid average slinger. Not taking the trip to the top 10 but not a bad choice if you want to wake up at 9:30am to eat a styrofoam plate full of shit.

Tim's Review: Tony wasn't exaggerating, we were the ONLY idiots waking up early on Sunday for the brunch at Humphrey's. This is the kind of place where you come to watch sports, drink beer, and hi five your buddies. I really doubt anyone has ever said “hey, I'm in the mood for a kick-ass meal. Let's go to Humphrey's!”. The food at Humphrey's is just a little trick to keep you there drinking and hi fiving longer.

Well surprise, surprise, this shit actually wasn't too bad. This was really close to tasting like a classic diner slinger, something along the lines of Courtesy diner. Good chili, nice cheesy burger's, but the two potato thing is just plain dumb. Pick a style, make it good, and stick with it. Not that either of the two potatoes were particularly bad, but the breakfast potatoes were easily the better of the two, so the hash browns were just unnecessary. I'm not sure why, but the styrofoam plates were so annoying. Is it too much to ask for some goddamn plates! I felt like my plastic knife was going break trying cut up the burger.

So bottom line, I guess this place was worth a try. It was ok, not great, but I'm not mad about eating there either. I can't really see myself back here anytime soon.

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