Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stop #7: Uncle Bill's

Tim's Review:
Alright, lets get straight to the point. Uncle Bill's sucks. Everything about this slinger was less than satisfying. You know, I wasn't looking forward to this stop in the first place, but every slinger gets a fair shot on this tour and Uncle Bill's blew it.

This is first place that actually messed up eggs. Who the hell can't cook two over easy eggs?! Normally I would have no problem with someone stacking two burger patties in their slinger (like Big Ed's does), I always prefer a hefty serving, but these burgers were just nasty. It tasted like a couple of burgers that were grilled a week earlier and then got thrown in microwave. I really have no idea if they were from the microwave or not because on an interesting note, this was the first place that we couldn't actually see the grill.

Needless to say, I had no problem calling it quits a little early and leaving a good portion of this turd on the plate. I have no desire to go back to Uncle Bill's. Ohhh and for whatever stupid reason, even though this was a your standard slinger, at Uncle Bill's they call it a “slingshot”. Oh AND I almost forgot, not only did the slingshot suck, it was the most expensive one so far! By itself was over $10, with a cup of coffee $12 and change. When I can get a better slinger for cheaper at many other places, Uncle Bill's loses every time and is currently at the bottom of my list.

Tony's Review:
First I want to say that I completely agree with Tim...this place fucking sucks. Going in to eating this "thing" I was not at my most hungry but if a slinger tour was going to be easy every douche on the block would be doing one. I'm not the biggest fan of Uncle Bill's to start with and this experience confirms that I won't be back.

The slinger barely even fit on the plate and something about it didn't even look good. I noticed there was a strong, odd butter taste throughout the whole thing and I'm pretty sure it was from the nasty ass hash browns, there were two burger patties that really sucked....you know what screw it...this place is garbage don't go here anymore, I don't care if their 24 hours, EVERY other place is better than here.

This was a definite low spot of the tour and even as I write this post days later I'm still thoroughly angry about eating that trash. Once again, fuck Uncle Bill's.

Unrelated Side Note:
So we've been talking about our rating system the past few weeks and after this painful experience I think it's time to make some adjustments. An updated rating system will soon follow. 

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  1. I know what turds look like and that is no turd. More like a blowout.