Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stop #18: Murdoch Perk (RIP)

Tim's Review: Slinger tour is in a major slump. Everything about this last trip was depressing. We first planned on going to Time Out on Gravois, but turns out the don't even serve slingers. Then we tried Kicker's Corner. We got this referral from a nameless friend that I shall refer to as M. Harnish. This mystery friend failed to mention, they only serve slingers for breakfast!!! It's ok. I do appreciate the suggestion, and we'll be sure to get up early some time to try it. Maybe it will end up being the new number one and M. Harnish will be my new hero.

So we finally end up at the snooze fest called the Murdoch Perk. I really had no expectation for this place. And no expectations means, I assume it will suck. I think I've had a bite to eat there before, really can't remember.  Doesn't matter.  It sucked.  It did have the spiciest chili on tour though. So at first I thought, hey! I like spicey! Then I realized it just tasted terrible. The chili was this insanely meaty mess and I just had this picture in my head of someone in the kitchen dumping a can of manwich on the plate. Apparently that chili was supposed to substitute the normal burger or sausage patty that was completely absent from this plate. There wasn't even toast. Clearly no top ten time for the Murdoch.

To top off the bad day, I seem to have lost my master list of destinations. So if anyone actually wastes time reading this, feel free to leave a comment about any place you know of that tries their best to serve up slinger. Tony and I will gladly choke it down. Thank you. I'm tired. Good night.

Tony Disclaimer: Before I destroy this slinger I do want to see that I have eaten at Murdoch Perk a bunch of times and their food is consistently pretty good and not a bad place at all.

Tony's Review: Alright we gotta do something here. I'm hitting rock bottom with these shitty slingers, it's getting hard to wake up in the morning and I often ask myself, "Why?" And then I remember all of our loyal fans who patiently wait by their blog feeds for a new post.* You are the reason we continue to eat this shit week after week! YOU!

Tim pretty much covered the bases on this one, another plate full of garbage. No meat came on this one just meat in the chili so already you know they don't know what the hell they're doing. This chili was disgusting through and through, terrible taste and so unnecessarily hot. The eggs were fine but who gives a shit and the potatoes were good but there were not nearly enough of them. Just looking at that picture above is pissing me off, it actually looks like a pile of shit. All I want is to eat a mediocre that such a hard thing. This one is going in the Hall of Shit.

UPDATE: Just read that Murdoch Perk is closing at the end of the month. Kind of bummed but once you serve slingers like that its really not that surprising. 

*We don't really have any loyal slinger fans.


  1. That looks like dog food. Are you planning on going to the Rooster downtown on Locust for their slinger. It is my personal favorite so far.

  2. We are planning on going to Rooster, may be a while since it's so unique. I've had it numerous times and it is quite delicious.