Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stop #12: The Sidebar

Tim's Review:
The Sidebar has been the biggest surprise of the tour so far. Before the latest slinger outing, I have been there exactly one time. And if it weren't for their slinger, I probably would not have gone back. I don't really have anything against the place, it's just that I don't normally care about watching ESPN on the big screen. But now that I have tasted their slinger, I don't give a shit about anything else going in that place, because I would gladly go back for another serving.
This slinger is the new number 1! Every part of this dish was top notch. The chili was great, the hash browns great, the texas toast was a nice touch, and the size was perfect. The burger was easily the best. That's right, better than big ed's cheese burgers, way better than Chris', better than any other place whether they had a frozen patty or not. This is a burger that I would actually put on bun and eat as a burger. I also love that there was nothing fancy about it. The small details setting this guy apart from all the classic diner slingers was just a little seasoning and a little chopped up green onion. 

You want to know what the only bad thing about the slinger at the sidebar was? We still have over 30 slingers to eat, and now I'm afraid nothing will be as good. The Sidebar is the new slinger to beat!

Tony's Review:
Move over slinger world there is a new Big Dog® on the block! Tim pretty much summed this one up perfectly—we were expecting an average pile of trash but instead we received a world class spa treatment on a plate. I will admit that I'm a little bummed that this bar on Washington Ave. has taken out most of the classic St. Louis diners but that is why I wake up in the morning—to provide you with cutting edge slinger info.

Again, everything one this work of art tasted great, especially the burger. The Texas toast was a nice surprise and the hash browns were actually seasoned well and nicely crispy complemented with some top notch chili. If I had any extremely minor complaint its that there simply wasn't enough chili, I just demand as many bold flavors as possible.

Congratulations St. Louis Slinger Tour 2012, you have surprised the pants off of this guy.

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