Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stop #19: Crow's Nest

Tony's Review: FINALLY! The streak of shit is officially over! After suffering for over a month of just bad slingers we get to enjoy a good one. But I digress. Crow's Nest is a great bar in Maplehood on Manchester that used to be the Red Lion that is run by the old owners of the Bleeding Deacon so the food is already better than your average bar food. They recently started a Metal Brunch on Sunday which is the only time you can get this puppy so you have time to go after church.

Now this is the furthest we've had from a traditional slinger so far and it was vegetarian so we struggled a bit about how to rank/review it. I'm in the mind set of if I can eat something that has the spirit of a traditional slinger I will review it as such (I am so deep). Let's get to it: start with a base of breakfast potatoes that were cooked and seasoned perfectly really solid flavor, next was the bottom of a burger bun...honestly I don't know why that was there, it wasn't bad but I'm on a diet and I'm trying to avoid extra carbs. On top of that was a thick as hell, hand made, rice based veggie cheese burger that was one of the best veggie burgers I've had. The chili was also vegetarian and it was excellent, another bummer was the lack of chili just another scoop and this could of been even better. Then there was the egg, normally I could give a shit about the egg but this little thing looked great and sealed the deal in the flavor dept.

Again this is easily one of the better slingers we've had so far and more importantly it broke the depression streak that this tour was becoming.

Tim's Review: Tony pretty much spoke the truth. The Crow's Nest was breathe of air and finally made me feel good again about being on the slinger tour. I've been there a hand full of times before, but probably not as much as I should only because there are other shit holes closer to my house. If I remember correctly, my last visit to the Crow's Nest was a couple months back when Tony and I went in for a drink after our tour stop to Tiffany's diner. I couldn't even enjoy a couple beers due to that fact that the disappointing Tiffany's slinger was making me feel like crap!

This visit was a little more enjoyable. Definitely the farthest thing from the traditional slinger we've had so far. When it came out, I really wasn't impressed. Even looking at the picture now, it's not the prettiest slinger I've seen, but the bottom line is, this thing tasted damn good. Potatoes were great, the egg cooked perfectly, and I really don't care if the chili had meat in it or not, because it was awesome. I don't know what Tony's problem is with the bread. First: quit whining about carbs, because you sound like a peter puffer. Second: I think that was a slice of Texas toast, not a bun. And Third: like everything else on the plate, the toast was great. Since I'm kind of a piggy, my only complaint is that there just wasn't enough of this slinger. More chili and perhaps another egg would be just fine.

It seems like it's been forever since anyone has broken into the top ten, but the Crow's Nest jumps into a very respectable 6th place. I would definitely eat this again.   


  1. I would like to point out that no heavy metal will be played at the "heavy metal brunch," unless you consider Phil Collins to be heavy metal. Which you shouldn't.

    1. We had Metal Brunch there today and the metal was definitely blaring!

  2. I went back to the Crow's Nest for brunch last week and they've changed their brunch menu and no longer have the slinger on it. Not sure if it's permanent but it is a bummer.