Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stop #6: The White Knight

Tim's Review:
For the past 10 plus years, my 3 go to spots for slingers were Courtesy, the Buttery and Tiffany's. After midnight, there really isn't much other choice. But now I am starting to see the light. Now I've come to realize all this time I've been eating sub par slingers, as these same 3 are at the bottom of the list so far. White Knight was another first for me. A classic diner downtown. The only thing I knew about this diner before Saturday was that some Eddie Murphy movie was shot there. I don't even know if that's true. Plus, I don't really like Eddie Murphy movies.

As soon I sat down I knew we were in for something great. The cook had a few orders in front of ours. A couple burgers and a couple omelettes, and holy crap did that stuff look good. The burgers were the traditional, greasy, diner burger. And the omelettes were massive. I'd go back to try either one of those dishes. So just as I dreamed, it turns out the White Knight makes a great slinger. A really good slinger. I was a little shocked, but definitely pleased when the cook started the order and didn't pull out a stack of frozen burger patty's. The burger was made of actual ground beef! Crazy, I know.

You know what I just thinking? These slingers are around $6 - $8 each.  So with a tip and sometimes a coffee, and for the sake of simple math, I'd say on average we throw out about $10 every time we stop for a slinger. And with a new slinger discovered every couple of weeks, I believe the list is over 40 now. So that means I'm going to spend over $400. Just on slingers. OH my lord!! what the hell is wrong with us...........I love food.

Alright back on track. The white knight was great. Obviously the best burger of any slinger we've had so far. Eggs are always good because they are eggs. The hash browns were nothing special. In fact probably the weakest part of this slinger.  The cook was evening pouring something on the hash browns which I assume was water? I don't know, I don't think I've seen anyone do that before, but doesn't really matter, it do anything for me. The chili and onions were great as well, but after some deep thought I think I still like the chili at Eat Rite better. It was a really close call but I'm going to give this dish a solid 8, putting it in third place.

Tony's Review:
Tim obviously talked a lot so I won't waste time. One of the better slingers for sure fresh burger patty scooped from a big tube of beef was the highlight. Chili was pretty good, hashbrowns were underdone but that didn't ruin it, grilled onions on top were sweet city. A nice thing they did is put the cheese on top of the eggs and then pour the chili on top which means maximum meltage, good move White Knight.

Unlike Tim I think White Knight was better than Eat-Rite, not by a lot but by enough, I'll give it an 8.25.

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  1. The presentation isn't bad for a slinger. Maybe it's the untouched surface of the plate, but looks good. (Pic 2 of 3)