Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stop #8: Marley's

Tony's Review:
To celebrate Mother's Day we did it the only way we know how...driving to Ferguson, MO to eat a stupid slinger. I received word about Marley's from a co-worker who lives in the area and after last week's shit pile with Uncle Bill's we thought it would be nice to on a Sling-cation. We both were a little reluctant about it because it's out of our lovely city and in a bar, not a diner, but luckily we were treated a tasty surprise.

Marley's changed their slinger up a bit by offering tater tots instead of hash browns and only one egg instead of two. Now the tater tots were cooked perfectly, super crunchy and tasted great but they work with the whole plate as well as traditional has browns do. The burger was easily the tastiest burger I've had so far, it wasn't super thin and cooked well done like usual. The chili was pretty good, didn't blow me away but didn't hurt anything and the one egg thing was a bummer.

Even though this slinger breaks a couple of rules it still delivers in the taste department and Marley's seems like a pretty legit place with cheap beer and cheap food. Not sure I would recommend you drive all the way out there to get it but if you find yourself in or near Ferguson you should treat yourself to a little "Bob" Marley's.

Tim's Review:
So Tony and I are finally going to disagree, but I should admit something right up front, tator tots just aren't really my thing. They're not terrible, it's just that if I had a choice I would never order them. BUT if they are in your slinger, I will give it a try. Unfortunately, Marley's just didn't really do it for me. I do think that the tator tots were actually kind of good. The one thing I usually hate about tator tots is that they are too greasy, and these weren't. But they just aren't better than hash browns. 
The other problem I had with this slinger was the eggs.....or shall I say egg, as in only one egg. What's up with that!? Maybe I should admit one more thing: I like eggs, a lot. I would say I normally eat eggs 6 days in an regular week. And that one day I don't get to eat eggs sucks. I frequently try to eat eggs for breakfast and for dinner. You get the point. One egg in my slinger just doesn't cut it. 

Definitely the best part about this slinger, as Tony mentioned, was the burger patty, but it wasn't enough to save the plate. So aside from these easily avoidable problems, I didn't think it was necessarily a horrible slinger, but I wouldn't say it was good either. I think a good way to judge how much I like it is to ask myself: Will I be back? Nope. Even if for some reason I find myself wandering around Ferguson and decide I need breakfast covered in chili, I'd make the drive to get me a better slinger elsewhere.

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