Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop #62: Strange Donuts

Tony's Review: You're joking right, a slinger donut (or done if you're in the know). How the fuck do you put a slinger in a done? I heard that NASA scientists worked on it for 14 years and were close to cracking the code but then the government shut down and that went down the drain. So somehow the dudes at Strange Donuts figured this out, I assume this blog was pretty much the prime motivator in that.

So what is this thing and HOW DID THEY DO IT? First off it's a toasted donut, not a glazed or fried cake donut, just a sweet tasting toasted donut. Next you got the chili, so they basically made a donut trough which had solid bottom for maximum biteage and an open top for maximum chiliage. Unreal. Top it off with an egg patty, cheese and some Billy Goat chips and you have yourself a slinger done that you can pick up in your hand, put it in your mouth, bite it, chew it and put it back down without getting garbage all over your self. Unreal. They've accomplished the impossible and here's the shocker it actually tasted pretty good. The toasted done was ok it kind of tasted like sweet bread to me rather than a classic glazed donut that they do well. Chili was good nothing too outrageous, egg patty was solid and the chips added a nice crunch. All in the fact that Strange Donuts put a slinger into a donut is some next level shit, the fact that it actually tasted good is even better. The salty and sweet balance is a favorite of mine and it scratched that itch. Well done Strange Donuts I look forward to the next done.

Tim's Review: A slinger donut does sound like one of those magical creations that is just too good to be true. So right up front, I'll give Strange Donuts credit for having a great idea and making it happen. I love their attempt of trying to stack up the slinger in a nice little package. It really reminded me of the Silver ballroom with their Australian meat pie. Not because of the taste, it was just that nice convenient style. The Silver Ballroom just does it way better. I've actually been back and had that one at the Ballroom a few times since it proudly landed in the #9 spot.

It's not that I thought the slinger donut was bad, but when you put the words “Slinger” and “Donut” in the same menu item, you're really setting some high expectations. The one thing that I just wasn't really a huge fan of is those chips sprinkled on top. It was a good idea, and I like that it was something  new, but a greasy little hash brown patty could have made this thing way better. Something like that hash brown cake you get in the Buttery slinger. A smaller version of that on top of this donut could have been amazing.

Strange Donuts had a great idea and did a decent job with the execution, but if this was a actual menu item (like it is at Ballroom), I really doubt I'd be a regular customer.