Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop #10: City Diner

Tony's Review:
The best thing about this slinger was the meatball—yes—a meatball. Before we the lashing begins I would like to go on record and say that I always enjoy City Diner for breakfast. My girlfriend and I often come here when we can't decide on a place and want a solid breakfast, which they do quite well. The slinger on the other hand is almost the biggest piece of trash I've eaten on this tour (next to Uncle Bill's of course).

Where to begin...for starters this thing was engulfed in cheese, normally you would get excited about this but had zero taste and I think they only put that much cheese on top so you don't see the pile of shit that is hiding below it. We asked if we could substitute the sausage that came with it for a burger instead but got denied which is understandable but man that sausage was rock hard and barely edible. The hash browns again had zero flavor (I would recommend getting the breakfast potatoes which is one of the highlights of City Diner).

The Infamous Meatball
Now onto the "chili". Holy moly what the fuck is this garbage! The first bite I had it immediately had the taste of a steel can like how Chef Boyardee raviolis taste so not a good start. As I continued to punish myself I began to realize that this wasn't chili at was fucking meat pasta sauce and some dummy in the kitchen just spooned in chili beans to make it look real, you can't fool me asshole! The cherry on top of this slinger was the tasty meatball that I came upon about half way through, if only the rest of this tasteless slinger was as tasty as that one meatball we maybe would of had something.

Overall, don't ever order the slinger from City Diner just about everything else on the breakfast menu is a good choice but stay away from the slinger. In fact, if you know or hear anyone ordering the slinger get up out of your chair, apologize for that person, say he/she meant to order the Southsider and then fart as you're walking away for good measure.

Tim's Review:
I'll just start off by saying, I've never liked the City Diner. I've never had anything good there, but for some reason, it seems like everybody, like Tony and his girlfriend, think this is a great spot. Maybe I just don't get it....... OR maybe their food just sucks. I've actually tried this slinger before, easily over 5 years ago, probably rather late into the evening (early morning perhaps). From I remembered, this was one of the worst slingers I've ever had. But after many years have past, I think we can honestly say we approached this with an open mind. Maybe my tastes have changed, maybe the city diner has raised the bar and serves up some quality food......NOPE!

Apparently not a damn thing has changed in the past 5 years, because this slinger was just as I remembered: bullshit!! I'm a big fan of cheese, but it should never be the largest ingrediant of any slinger. There was easily twice as much cheese as chili, proof that the city diner doesn't even understand the basic form of a slinger. And the “chili” ?!? definitely the worst chili on the tour so far. We did notice on the menu that you can order just a bowl of chili. Ohh my! The only thing I could imagine worse than eating this slinger would be to eat the chili by itself. The sausage patty's were rubbery little biscuits with no hint of spice. It was a little annoying at first that they had some kind of issue with replacing the sausage for a burger patty, clearly they have burger on the menu, but you know what? I don't even care! I'm pretty sure that a burger patty would not have made this pile of junk any tastier.

So after all the bitching, my favorite part of city diner..... the coffee. If for some reason I was forced back into the City Diner, I'd order a cup of coffee. If slinger is any kind of representation of the rest of the menu, I'll gladly wait to eat somewhere else.

After a tough decision, City Diner lands in 9th place on my list, coming in just barely ahead of that disaster Uncle Bill's calls a slinger. Definitely nothing to be proud of City Diner. With the top 10 finally full, I don't expect either of these two to be on the list a few weeks from now.    

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