Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stop #11: Chris' Pancake House

Tony's Review:
Both Tim and myself had enjoyed Chris' slinger before and we both remembered it as being one of the best. Now that some time has passed and we're becoming a little more versed in the subject of slingers it was time to revisit an old friend.

For starters we easily had the creepiest waiter in the world, one of those guys that gets close on the table, doesn't write anything down and just stares at you when you order. But this isn't a waiter review blog! On to the slinger!

The plate that was set before us got me super pumped, big chunky raw onions, super meaty chili and you know under that heaven is a secret burger treat but the more I ate the less pumped I was. When we ordered creep guy asked us how we wanted our burger cooked (a first) but once I got going on the burger I wasn't as into it. Though it was a tasty burger patty it just doesn't have the simplicity and blend-ability that your normal piece of trash, paper thin frozen patty does. A true revelation. Anyways, the chili turned out to be the star of the show, meat all over the place and just a great flavor, really tops.

While we were slightly crushed that Chris' didn't live up to our potentially unrealistic expectations it still was a good slinger and when you're there on a weekend morning with your parents after church don't be a baby and order an egg white omelet! Prove to your Dad that you're a man dammit!

Tim's Review:
This week marks an important milestone on the slinger tour. The 11th week, which means we've eaten 11 slingers, which means...... so long Uncle Bill's !!! You never deserved to be in top ten to begin with! And unless every other eatery serving up slingers burns to ground, you will never be in the top ten again. No wait. Even if they did burn down, they still had a better slinger, so the list would carry on in honor of those burned to the ground.
Now on to this weeks chili loaded treat, Chris' Pancake house.  Like Tony, I had great memories of eating this slinger before and was really expecting it to be a top contender. Turns out we may have overhyped this one a bit. Definitely not a bad slinger, but not at the top of the list. There were a couple really nice surprises though, aside the waiter asking how I wanted my burger cooked, I was also blown away when he asked “toast or pancakes?” what ?!? A slinger with a side of pancakes! If I hadn't eaten a BBQ feast earlier in the day I definitely would have gone with the pancakes. Next time. The slinger came out and my excitement gradually faded. Nothing was really bad, but nothing was really worth getting excited about. I would say it just turned out a little better than average. Tony was spot-on about the burger, seemed like it was going to be huge success, but it was too much. Thanks to the good chili I would still order this slinger again.

So overall, while Chris' didn't deliver a new champion, still a great effort. Say hello to the new top ten.  And don't get too comfortable City diner, I expect you'll be joining your friend Uncle Bill next week.  

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