Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stop #61: Treehouse

Tony's Review: Another slinger? Another vegetarian slinger? YES! Believe it you red meat eating animal! Expand your mind at Treehouse, a vegetarian restaurant on South Grand that opened in the summer. They started serving brunch recently and guess what wound up on the menu.

Treehouse is pretty neat inside, probably designed by a place that reads design magazines and rehabbing garbage. Pretty small brunch menu but a good fancy cup of coffee. So we get our slinger and it looks great, like someone actually cared about the slop plate they were serving, impressive. Potatoes, chili, eggs, onion, and cilantro (which is a very welcome first for us) but one crucial item wasn't listed in that last sentence, meat or fake meat of any kind. Everything tasted good, solid chili, decent potatoes, properly cooked eggs but after a few bites you realized that without the veggie patty it just fell flat. This slingér could of been so much more with a small veggie burger patty or veggie sausage, instead we were left with glorified bowl of chili minus the bowl.

Tim's Review: I won't really waste too much of your time, because Tony did a great job of breaking it down and getting right to the problem. MEAT! Goddamn vegetarian's have to ruin everything!! Ok, just kidding. I don't really have any problem with vegetarians, but couldn't they find something to throw in there in place of the burger? There's plenty of good soy to go around. Remember that slinger at the Crow's Nest?? That was a vegetarian slinger and it was fucking fantastic. If the Treehouse could just get some kind of sausage flavored soy crap in the mix, this slinger could be the real deal. Maybe they can just throw a morningstar patty in there. Something!!! Actually, that morningstar shit kind of sucks. At least the one I tried sucked. I was at this vegetarian dude's house in St. Charles once, and he offered me a snack. Since he knew I wasn't a vegetarian, I guess he felt that I had to have something that resembled meat. So he threw one of those morningstar patties in the microwave. Damn, that stuff sucks! Why couldn't he offer me a granola bar or maybe a bean and cheese burrito?  I'm too polite, so I did eat the whole thing, but those veggie patty's are a pretty sad substitute for a real deal burger. If someone doesn't want to eat meat then fine, but don't replace it with a shitty, stinky, way less tasty pile of soy that's trying to act like meat. Whatever. I don't even know why I care this much. I actually think it's a little weird that I missed the meat because I don't really eat a lot of meat anyway.   So aside from my one complaint, this thing didn't taste too bad and, as you can see, was a really great looking slinger  .