Monday, April 9, 2012

Stop #3: Big Ed's Chili Mac's Diner

Big Ed's was so damn good I needed a long weekend to think it over.  So after of some deep thought and a ridiculous amount of yard work I've come to realize that Big Ed's is the real deal. The most solid slinger yet on the tour. Not only did it taste great, but it was super filling! If only I could find a beer with such awesome qualities. Big Ed's slinger was so filling that after I finishing shoveling that beast down at about noon on Friday I didn't even need to eat anything else the rest of the day. I did however snack on a left over donut, just for fun.

Here are my only two complaints about Big Ed's slinger: 1. as you might notice from the picture, those are some pretty damn big chunks of onion a little too big for my preference. The onions are great for adding some flavor, but I just don't want a huge bite of onion. The other tiny complaint was the hash browns. Not even a complaint really, but I just like hash browns at the Buttery a little better.  Big Ed's hash browns were too mushy (muh-shee, you know what I mean). 

I give it a 8.5 and Big Ed's easily takes over the top spot.  

Tony's Review:
I have had the fortune of enjoying Big Ed's Magic Slinger® on more than one occasion and going into this tour I knew that this would be the one to beat. A somewhat hidden gem of the downtown lunch scene, unknown to the common non-downtown working man due to their relatively whack hours, Monday - Friday, 6am -2pm, this is worth taking a long lunch or even a full day off. The waitresses there are awesome, guessing everyones drink orders like they've been there 100 times before. But really they're just crazy garbage demons that want to serve you the world's best slinger, aka guaranteed heart attack/depression.

Enough gibber gabber, let's move on to the big kahuna. They start off by breaking a chunk off of hash brown mountain and give you not one but TWO burgers COVERED IN CHEESE. Top that off with some damn good chili and they rest of toppings and you have made an excellent slinger. To be fair the burgers were frozen and lacked a bit in the taste department and the hash browns were a little muh-shee. I didn't mind the big onions, if I were mayor of onion town I would of doubled the amount.

This is going to be the slinger to beat, I'm giving this pearl a solid 9.

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