Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stop #9: Olivette Diner

Tim's Review:
So after that failed experiment with Marley's and the tator tots, Olivette Diner brings us back to classic slinger.

A great reminder that hash browns are put in a slinger for a reason: because they're damn good. 
Aside from the hash browns, Olivette Diner serves up an all around solid plate with one of the best burgers put in a slinger so far.

This is only the second place (after White Knight) that used ground beef, instead and that frozen meat patty. Wait a second, to be fair, we didn't actually see the burger being made (or thawed) at Uncle Bill's, so who knows what they use. Maybe Uncle Bill's gets their “meat” delivered from the same place as the Taco Bell across the street. You know, that “meat” that looks like poop soup in a plastic bag.

Anyway's back on track, Olivette Diner was a great slinger. Not great enough to make it into my top three, but definitely not at the bottom of the pack either. I had a tough time deciding if this should go before or after the buttery. The Buttery does still have some of the best hash brown around, but the Olivette Diner had a much better burger and overall is the winner. So this tasty treat lands in 4th place. The top ten is finally starting to fill up and I suspect those near the bottom will fall off pretty quick.

On a side note, I definitely plan on taking another trip to Olivette to check out the rest their menu. I saw some pancakes and waffles that looked damn fine! And another side note, while there I found out that Ray's Donuts is in the same little strip mall. This guy I used to work with would bring those in and those are some kick ass donuts. That's a lot of great breakfast for one little strip mall.

Tony's Review:
Once again we hit the road for this weeks slinger and were pretty hyped on this place even though we had never been there. The Olivette Diner is not your standard looking diner seated right in the middle of a lovely strip mall but it doesn't skip a beat on the inside. Tons of character and this place was jamming out the pancakes to the numerous hungry breakfast goers.

Enough jibber jabber this isn't StripMall.com am I right. So I guess I appreciate the classic, bold flavors of Olivette Diner a little more than Tim does...that's fine I'm just more mature. I thought Olivette hit the slinger nail right on the head, the hash browns were great nice and crispy on the edges and a solid overall flavor. Like Tim said the home made burger was really good, probably could of used a little more seasoning but still a lot better than some of the other we've had. The chili was solid, not out of this world, but carried the thing nicely. One of the highlights for me was the hot sauce they had called Gunslinger, never heard of this crap but it had a great taste and packed a bit of a punch.

I would definitely recommend this place to any lover of breakfast, like Tim said this place had an awesome menu that would be worth checking out. Keep up the good work Olivette Diner, you made my day a little brighter and you made my car a lot stinkier.

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