Monday, February 25, 2013

Stop #45: Spencer's Grill

Tony's Review: Nothing better than going to a diner you've never been to, grabbing a seat at the counter and eating a premium slinger. Spencer's Grill in downtown Kirkwood is doing things right. It was really busy which is good and they were cranking out food and Mickey Mouse pancakes like it wasn't a big deal.

The slinger did the job and my dreams alive that there are still great classic diner slingers out there that I haven't had yet. Starting out with perfectly cooked shredded hash browns and really great, meaty and traditional chili which they weren't stingy with at all which was a nice change of pace for us. Then two well cooked over easies onion and side of bacon and you've got yourself a righteous meal.

Even though this was a super solid slinger it won't be making my top ten. If we ate this earlier in the tour it would definitely be up there but this late in the game it feel just a little flat. Guess I'm just becoming a demanding little baby who needs world class flavors in every slinger.

Tim's Review: I've probably driven by this place a hundred times and thought “man, that's a good looking diner. I should check this place out sometime”. Well the time has finally come and now I feel like a jackass because this place was pretty fucking good. Just think of all the great breakfast plates I've been missing out on. You think I'm too old to order Micky Mouse pancakes?? .....No way.

While slinger at Spencer's definitely showed my belly a good time, it wasn't exactly a life changing experience. Just great representation of the classic diner slinger. No bells, no whistles, no stupid gimmicks like a waffle or tator tots to try to be original or weird. Just eggs, hashbrowns, chili, and bacon, topped of with the perfect amount of cheese and onion. I really appreciate Spencers' straight forward approach.

I'm pretty sure the last diner to make it into the top ten was clayton diner way back in June of last year. Spencer's was oh so close, but at this point in the game competition is getting kind of serious. Spencer's just missed out on top ten status, but it's definitly on my list of places that I'll make a second trip to.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stop #44: Novak's

Tim's Review: There are few things in life that I love more than a big fat sloppy sandwich (especially one with egg on it), but one thing that really drives me nuts is when you can't eat a sandwich like it's a sandwich. I just want to pick this thing up with two hands and chow down, but I can't. All the shit just falls off leaving your sandwich in pieces. Alright, not the end of the world, I'll just have to fork and knife this thing into little sandwich bites. Kind of annoying, but I've done it before. Then what REALLY sucks is when you have to cut up your sandwich with plastic!! Ahhh!!!! Come on! First of all, I'm no hippy or anything, but what a waste. Plus, not only is it plastic, but it's really crappy, flimsy plastic that is barely strong enough to cut this sandwich up.

Enough of me bitching about the plastic, how was the “swinger” sandwich? Ehhhh. It was just ok. It was really your standard sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast with a spoonful of chili on top. That's a spoonful at most. I could barely taste any chili when I was eating this thing. The sausage patties were the crappy little hockey pucks that I could have done without. A skinny little burger patty or bacon (or both!) would have made the swinger 100 times better.

I guess the lesson I learned is that Novak's serves bar food. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah I know, it's a bar, I should have seen it coming. It's not something I would make a special trip for, but it could be good for soaking up a long night of beers.

Tony's Review: Congratulations Novak's on being the only place that could have a Slinger Sandwich on their menu but then cross out the word "Slinger" and then add the word "Swinger"...I still don't get it but I'm guessing other people do. That's one sexy sandwich.

Tim's totally on point with this one, nothing wrong with a slinger sandwich but use some bread that isn't gonna coat your hands with grease and force two grown men to use shitty plastic sporks to eat their tray of shit. There wasn't anything that really stood out for me on this one, barely any chili on it, the bread tasted ok but two thick slices was overkill, high five on the crinkle cut fries which is always a good move. This one just fell pretty flat and would be one to skip when all you loyal readers do your own slinger tour.

Keep up the good work guys.