Friday, June 29, 2012

Stop #14: Hammerstone's

Tony's Review: To be I honest I wasn't really sure what to expect from Hammerstone's, the last time I was there it was for a wing eating contest which was one of the grossest nights of my life. A nice bar in a usually avoidable part of Soulard, due to dummies not crime, I figured it would be an a-ok slinger and guess what...I was right!

First the obvious—jalapeños! Somebody call up the Party City, USA guess there's a new mayor in town! Apparently the usual pile of garbage just isn't enough to make you take a fast diarrhea now you add jalapeños to the mix and you're lucky if you leave the bar without do-do pants. Moving past my sore anus—this was a hair above average slinger, the chili held its own, the sausage was pretty ok and the hash browns were fine. The jalapeños were a highlight and keeps Hammerstone's a unique entry in the tour so far.

We're not changing the world with this slinger but we can burn through some toilet paper a lot faster.

Tim's Review:

14 slingers and no signs of slowing down! Hammerstone’s is another first. I’ve actually been there many times before, but until we started the tour, I didn’t even know Hammerstone’s made slingers. I’ve had their breakfast pizza and from what I remember, that was pretty awesome.

 I was also at the wing contest and I would suggest that anyone give it a shot. I think it’s three pounds of wings and a pitcher of beer for ten bucks. I’m not sure what you win, but pride and bragging rights are all that really matter when you’re talking about eating contests. I didn’t win. I did however see the guy across the table from me puke chicken wings about 2 minutes into the competition. Some memories will last forever. I’m pretty sure it’s sometime during mardi gras, so you got plenty of time to practice before next year’s competition.

Anyways, I guess I should talk about the slinger. The slinger was a big plate of just really ok.  Eggs, chili, hash browns…. it all tasted fine, but nothing really great. It came standard with sausage which wasn’t bad. It was a little spicey, but just didn’t add much. I think I’d prefer a burger. The only memorable part of this plate was the jalapeños, and I don't know what Tony's problem was, but they sat just fine with me. I guess this slinger is worth a try, but I can’t say that I’d go out of my way to get it. In fact, the next time I end up hammerstone’s I’d go for the breakfast pizza.  

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