Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stop #15: Jefferson Avenue Bistro

Tony's Review: It had been a while since I've visited Jefferson Avenue Bistro but the times I've had it in the past have been pretty good. For some reason my girlfriend never wants to go there, guess she didn't get the memo that says their breakfast food is pretty good...women—can't live with em—can't take em to an ok place for breakfast.

When we got there the bar had a decent crowd and the only bartender/waitress was pretty busy so it took a bit to get our order in but no sweat, she was a hard worker. When we did get our slinger it was visually not great all. A big white plate with a mountain of thick, dark chili and no signs of what treasures are hidden below needless to say I wasn't thrilled about getting in. The chili actually wasn't too bad, very meaty but lacked the pizazz that my exquisite taste palate requires (not serious). No burger on this slinger, instead two thick as hell sausage patties which I thought were too thick and they kind of grossed me out. Hash browns were legit and I had some pretty tasty bites of that over easy egg.

All in all the slinger at Jefferson Avenue Bistro was passable as ok but probably won't be on the top 10 for very long.

Tim's Review: 

Whooaa, that picture reminded me, this was definitely not a good looking slinger. I know I'm judging a mess of chili, but I've been carefully examining these piles for nearly 4 months now and the slinger at the Jefferson ave. bistro gets no points for good looks. I think that's the closest thing to dog food we've seen so far.

But let's not judge on looks alone. This thing was actually pretty weak all around. The sausage patties were basically crap and the hash browns were average at best. I guess I would say the best part of this slinger was actually that disgusting looking chili. And someone forgot the damn cheese and onions! Well, I guess it was me that forgot to ask, but that should come standard. OHHh and I almost forgot, no toast!! geez!

So this wasn't the worst stop on the tour, but it was definitely not any better than hammerstone's and therefore gets zero time on my top ten list. Maybe I'm being a little harsh on the Jefferson ave. bistro, but guess what? I'm not writing here to be nice to every jackass who dumps a spoonful of chili over my breakfast. Let's not forget, we're looking for the best slinger in town. The tour must go on.

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