Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stop #13: Clayton Diner

Tim's Review: One of my favorite things about the slinger tour is when we get to go check out a brand new place and get treated to a yummy surprise. My first time to the Clayton diner, and I'd tell anyone looking for a cheap snack, it's worth checking out.  Right up there with the White Knight, Eat Rite, and Big Ed's.

This little spot is the classic diner. A bar going down one side facing the open grill where you can watch your slinger come to life. The chili was great, the hash browns were ok (honestly I don't really remember anything about the hash browns), and the service was some of the best, but my favorite part of this guy would have to be the meat! Just like Big Ed's, the clayton diner throws in two burgers covered in melted cheese and mmmmm MMMMM! I'm going to go ahead and say that these cheese burgers are even better than our buddy Big Ed. What happened to you Big Ed?!? Remember just a few weeks ago when you were the champ?

My only minor complaint is the big fat chunks of raw onion. It didn't ruin the slinger, but if the onions were diced up a little smaller and thrown on the grill for a minute, this may have jumped up a spot or two on the top 10.

After we were done eating our slinger, we chatted up the friendly cook and it eventually came out that we just finished our 13th slinger in 13 weeks. She was curious, what's good? What sucks?....When I told her who was at the bottom of the list, she responded “oh, no one like Uncle Bill's” hahahha. So true.  She then gave us a tip on one of her favorite chinese spots where she read off her regular order, which was basically one of everything on the menu. Unfortunately, I'll never remember the name of the place. Oh well. Great job Clayton diner! #5 on my list.
Tony's Review: Tim has once again summed this up wonderfully. A hidden gem that I hope all of those accountants in Clayton enjoy on the reg. This place is insanely cheap with a typical diner menu and the service was great. As for the slinger it was a nice surprise especially since some of our early internet reviews of this place were less than stellar. You internet reviewers better check yo self before you reck yo self.

The slinger was a good size, not just a pile of trash but a plate of flavors. The chili was nice and meaty and brought the slinger together nicely. The two cheeseburgers were probably the biggest surprise, nice and small with a great taste, and I think the cheese on there was a 1/2 inch thick. As a lover of onions I enjoy the bite but I will admit there were a little too many and did overwhelm at times. The worst part of the slinger were the hash browns which were left over and reheated on the grill. They had the potential to be good but it was very obvious that these weren't as good as when they were originally cooked.

All in all it was a sweet treat eating the slinger from Clayton Diner and we had some bonus buds, Pookie and Denny, along for the ride. And as any good dude knows when you can get some buds eating garbage together its always a good day. 

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