Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stop #20: Bailey's Range

Tony's Review: Well once again downtown makes our civic duty of eating slingers more difficult. The plan was to go to Joe's Chili Bowl in City Garden but of course they were closed even though their hours said they were open late so we improvised and ended up at Bailey's Range.

Now I have been to the Range a few times and have very mixed feelings about it mainly due to inconsistencies but none the less they have a slinger burger...actually they don't have a slinger burger or at least not anymore, it was on the menu but they change their menu all the time and that one didn't survive. BUT since we were there on a week night and they were "slow" the waitress said that the kitchen could do it so I'll give them a high five for that.

Once we got the slinger burger I was surprised at how visually good it looked and turned on by how tall it was, size does matter. ©Godzilla, 1994. I'm not gonna lie to you I put on my sissy pants and cut this up with a fork and knife due to how tall it was, I don't care you can judge me, I'm civilized unlike that slob Tim. I was impressed with the flavor of the chili but since it was a burger a lot of the ingredients played a lesser role and the burger did most of the talking, unfortunately the burger was under seasoned and while it had a good beef taste it didn't really do enough. The egg was great and it was nice to not have the sloppy yolk drip on my hands. There were some fries on there but they didn't matter you couldn't taste them and I will give a shout out to the bun cause that shit was soft and tasty.

I still have my differences with Bailey's Range but after this descent visit they will live to see one more visit from me. But overall don't feel bad that you're not VIP like Tim and myself and you may not be able to get the slinger burger, they have a good menu with other good choices. Don't think this one is gonna make the Top 10.

Tim's Review:
I don't know why Tony is so quick to throw out the high fives. I was originally thinking that waitress was full of shit. Was it that big of a deal to heat up some chili and pour it on top of a burger?  I really didn't feel too special. But I guess that sounds kind of mean. Maybe I should be a little more positive and thankful like my partner and consider the fact that we did order something that wasn't really on the menu. VIP!! I just wish I could be a VIP at better restaurant.

It's not that the Range was bad, but it's not top ten material either. The chili was actually great, but that's about it. I thought the fries were a nice touch, but the truth is, this burger could not stand alone. Isn't this supposed to be a burger place? I've had a couple burgers there before and they were fine, but I'd say that was close to a year ago. The only reason I came back was because they have (had) the slinger burger and because Joe's chili bowl was closed, not because I couldn't wait to eat there again.

I don't want to sound so negative. Overall, this thing was pretty good, but just really uneventful. I doubt have the desire to go back anytime soon.    

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