Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stop #33: The Piccadilly at Manhattan

Tony's Review: Never been to the Piccadilly at Manhattan located in a weird part of the city that I've never been to and probably won't ever be back to. This place is in the middle of what I assume is a weird neighborhood where all of the people cram into a small restaurant with a weird name and eat expensive weird food. And if anyone reading this lives in this's probably time to move and join civilization again, Domino's has a new pan pizza that you gotta try.

Technically this wasn't even a slinger, it was a "Slinger Benedict" which is bullshit because the only thing Benedict about it was the poached egg, probably just an excuse to charge you $12 for it. They blew a chance to throw on some hollandaise sauce or something else whacky. Instead we got a very dainty serving of hash browns, burger, poached egg, chili, shredded cheese and bacon. I would think that a place as "fancy" as would invest in some bold flavors from Guy Fieri but they must of missed him when he was in town because this turfed out on flavor in almost every dept. The bacon was good which pretty much doesn't count, the burger was well cooked but had zero flavor, and the rest of it just blended in to a mess of nothing. The fruit on the side was really good so my heart thanks them for that. All in all when you're gonna charge the big $12 for a slinger you better deliver a $12 slinger and not a flavor lacking poached egg.

Tim's Review: I'm right on the same page as Tony on this one. I've never been to the Picadilly, in fact I've never even heard of the place. Which is a little odd since it's probably less than 3 miles from my house and according to the menu it's been open for somewhere around 100 years. Then I figured it out. I haven't heard of this place because it sucks. It doesn't suck like “dude, that was the worst shit this I've ever had!”. It was just tasteless food to fill my belly.

The menu really gave this thing some hype. Just the name “Slinger Benedict” sounds promising, but I couldn't really tell any difference between this benedict and a regular over easy egg. Then there was the “Hash brown cakes”. I think that's the most delicious sounding name possible for hash browns. I could only think of those amazing hash brown patty's you get at the Buttery (still some of the best hash browns around). But just like the egg, the name makes them sound better then they really are. These were regular, boring hash browns. The bacon was really good, but it's bacon and only the Market Pub House can be dumb enough to disappoint with bacon.

This thing definitely sounded like it was going to be good, but I wasn't fooled. I will say congrats to the Picadilly though, for somehow sticking around for so many years. They must be getting a good amount of people to come back, but I won't be one of them.   

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