Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stop #27: Lemmon's

Tony's Review: What! Lemmon's! I thought they only served pizza, wings and some other non-slinger crap. Well you are correct. We had the exclusive honor of being treated to a VIP only...Slinger Pizza created lovingly by St. Louis' own Denny Dyer. Denny debated for weeks on the proper way to execute such a high profile task and spoiler alert—he nailed it.

He decided not to go with the thin crust but go all the way with a large Chicago-style pizza with middle toppings of cheese, bacon, jalapeno, hamburger and onion and on top of that was your layer of over easy eggs, chili and an unreal amount of cheddar and I'm probably missing an ingredient. This thing was over the top everything, huge in size, probably weighed 8lbs. and was intimidating to say the least. Luckily we had some friends to destroy this thing and I was barely able to finish my one slice let alone having two, Tim tried to eat two but he ended up just wasting pizza...what a slob.
Honestly I was reluctant about this slinger pizza, I mean this just look at that picture it screams "instant diarrhea" and "you won't make it home" but I accepted the challenge, I'm glad I did and my pants are clean! Denny nailed the crust, super crispy and it helped contain all of that garbage on top of it. The flavors were surprisingly evenly distributed with highlight bites of tasty bacon. One of the bigger accomplishments was getting the eggs to work, they didn't have the runny yolk like we had hoped but they still had a good thing going. This thing was really good, I'm happy to have a bud that would work so hard to make a trash pile like this slinger pizza. If you want to try the elusive slinger pizza talk to Denny at Lemmon's and if you give him $100 maybe he'll think about it.

Tim's Review:

I wasn't afraid of this thing for a second. This was actually my third slinger pizza from Lemmons and I say it like I'm bragging, but I probably just sound like a disgusting pig. I don't even know why that first one was made. I think Denny just gets bored at work and starts looking for stuff in the kitchen to throw in a pizza . I remember one time he made a pizza with fruit on it.... it was a little weird. They can't all be a raging success.

You want to know what was great about this Lemmons slinger? It had all the great qualities of the classic Lemmons deep dish: it was massive, it was filled to the top of that thick ass crust with mouth watering goodies, and after once slice you feel instantly tired and depressed. I think Tony actually started sweating a few minutes after he finished. I did try to eat two pieces, but I wouldn't really call it a waste. No one else was going to eat that shit. Besides, the only reason I didn't finish it was because I'm trying to exercise a little self control. Once I made the mistake of participating in a pizza eating contest with a co-worker. We each ordered our own large deep dish at Lemmons to see who could eat the most. I only ate 5 ½ slices so I lost. So embarrassing.

I'm sure it'd be nice if you could all try this delicious treat that Lemmons doesn't have to offer, but I'd rather you not go ask Denny to make it for you, for the simple reason that I would not feel as special. If this were a real menu item that every chump could enjoy, I'd put it in the top ten for sure.    

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