Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stop #26: Sandrina's

Tim's Review: Another day, another mediocre slinger. Sandrina's is normally one those places you end up when you've had too much to drink at a 1:30 bar and start making poor decisions. This place always....ALWAYS smells like deep fryer! In the past, when I would push my way through the crowd after 1:00 am, everyone was smoking, the kitchen has been going all day, I'll let it slide. But when it's 6:00 pm on a Thursday with 5 people sitting at bar, what's the deal?? Get some air circulating in there.

Aside from the smell, Sandrina's isn't a terrible place. Their slinger wasn't bad, but I'd rate it slightly below average. For some reason they really hold back on the chili and tease you with pathetic 2 tablespoons worth. The chili was actually pretty good, probably the best part about this plate. Plus, it's a slinger, get a ladle and slop that shit on there! I want the rest of my breakfast swimming in that chili. The home fries was the other thing that really annoyed me about this plate. They were potatoes, diced up pretty small and overcooked, so they were a little crunchy. Normally that's not too much of an issue, but with crunchy potatoes and minimal amounts of chili, it was next to impossible to mix this thing up and the potatoes kept falling off the fork. Had there been a healthy amount of chili on there, the home fries would just need a few minutes to get nice and soggy and we wouldn't have any problems.

Maybe if we were back in week 12, Sandrina's might have made top ten, but at this point in game, slightly below average just won't cut it.

Tony's Review: Tim almost summed this up perfectly but he left out the burger! What an asshole! The burger on the slinger wasn't bad, it was a big, thick homemade patty that had a decent flavor but lacked a bit on the slinger. The potatoes were tiny and crispy but I didn't mind them as much as baby pants Tim. One thing I do agree on is the lack of chili on this, if it was a slinger burger it would of been fine but it was served on a plate with tons of room to put that poo poo juice (aka chili) all over the plate.

Overall it wasn't bad but it was forgettable, I'm sure there are better things on the menu to fix your hunger at 2:25 in the morning. And sorry about the photos the lighting in this place sucked. 

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