Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stop #29: Pat's Bar & Grill

Tony's Review: Well I've never been to Pat's before this, I've had people they tell me that they have good burgers—they might—but as far as slingers go they pretty much fucking suck. This is an "exclusive" Sunday slinger only so make sure you guys set your alarms so you can wake up and eat cheese covered shit.

First of this thing is called an Irish Slinger, I have no idea why there wasn't a damn thing Irish about it had all the toppings of a normal slinger except all of them sucked. It didn't say it would come with hashbrowns on the menu but surprise, surprise there they were on the plate! Oh what's that? They were cooked 6 days ago, they're rock hard and taste like flavorless brick strips! Wowee Zowee! On top of that layer of gold were three gross, oddly thick, sausage patties that were probably microwaved. The chili wasn't pure garbage, I would say it was 72% garbage so we had that going for us. The one thing Pat's did figure out what to do was to cover that filth with about 2lbs of some kind of white cheese, didn't taste like mozzarella, maybe it's a Pat's exclusive cheese made with cat's milk?

While this slinger was pure garbage I don't feel it truly qualifies to be entered in the mega VIP "Hall of Shit" but it is knocking on the shit-covered door, maybe I'm just grumpy. Like I said before Pat's didn't seem like that bad of a place, I hope they do have a good burger, just don't waste your time on their bullshit "Irish" slinger.

Tim's Review: Pat's.......What a mess. No time to mess around here so lets just jump right in: This slinger sucked. I can't really think of one positive thing to say about Pat's. So even though Tony and I clearly have an agenda for these little meetings, I usually take a quick a look at the menu anyway. You never know, something might catch my eye and I might have to make a trip back. For the record, that is not going to happen with Pat's.

The description of slinger said “3 eggs...” ooohhhh, that sounds great, I love eggs, but then there was the whole hash brown fuck up. The sausage patties didn't help the situation and the chili, the one thing that is supposed to bring all this crap together, was absolutely gross. All that excitement about the extra egg was completely destroyed by the disappointment that was brought on by the rest of the stale shit.

I'm sure I've explained plenty of times how I'm a little piggy and tend stop eating about 27 bites after my belly tells me I'm full. Well, I couldn't even finish half of this shit. That's a bad sign. Like Tony said, Pat's isn't going to make it into the hall of shit, but it sure seemed like it was trying.   

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