Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Second Best...of the Best

The verdict is in and the slingers have been partially eaten for your enjoyment. Without further ado, say hello to St. Louis' 10th - 6th best slingers.

Tim: I originally had this guy a little higher on the list, but it just didn't hold up.  Classic slinger with the bonus of jalapeƱo's! Tony: This one flat out bummed me out.

Tim: All of the features of a big sloppy slinger in a tasty little package. You don't even need a fork! Considering almost every other place is daytime only, this is one my new favorite late night slingers. Tony: I was reluctant to put this in the top ten but then we ate this again and it was as good and fresh as the first time we had it. Bonus points for it's tiny package and extra points for being a great bar. 

Tony: I'll give it to this place they do it right in Olivette, this slinger is legit and they keep it simple with pure Olivette class.

Tony: Oh how the mighty have fallen. I think Sidebar was both of our number ones for a long time and here we end up in the #7 spot. We ate this one early on in the tour and it was one of the first non-diner slingers we had so it's understandable how it felt untouchable for so long but on the second visit it tuns out that its just a quality slinger with good ingredients but no real individual stand outs.

Tony: If there's one good thing I can say about St. Charles it's Allin's Diner...I think that's all the good things in St. Charles. I would probably say this was the best chili we had on the tour, Chef David working his magic with his world class homemade soups. This one definitely held up and I would recommend it to anyone in the area. Also one of the best looking slingers out there.

Stay tuned for the moment you've all been waiting for...the top slingers in THE WORLD (brought to you by Arby's®)!!!


  1. You guys need a map of all the places you visited. Also do you know of any slingers over across the river in illinois? O'Fallon, Fairview Heights?

    1. Hey Seth, a map sounds like a great idea! However, I'm feeling especially lazy this Saturday afternoon and I may have just wasted all my energy turning on my computer and posting this comment. If I get some motivation, you'll be the first to know.

      As far as the IL side goes, I don't know of any around your neck of the woods. I believe someone mentioned a place in Highland, IL but that's quite a drive and we don't get compensated for milage, so we didn't bother. Plus, I'm sure it sucks anyways.

  2. Hi. My name is Byron Kerman, and I'm a writer for St. Louis Magazine. I think your blog is the bomb, and we'd like to feature it in a web article. Your bold ventures into the world of the slinger recall the soldiers being ordered into the breach at Gallipoli to die in waves, again and again.
    Email or call me soon, please? We'll have fun.
    Nice fotos on yr blog, too, btw.