Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stop #52: Dave's Diner

Tony's Review: Dave's Diner is out there in South County right by Ronnie's and it used to be an Eat-Rite. I think it changed over maybe 6 months ago but it doesn't really matter because it's still basically an Eat-Rite.

This slinger was classic diner to the max, descent chili, thin but just ok burger, slightly undercooked hash browns, standard eggs and of course the unmelted American cheese slices.

It was fine not great, honestly read the Eat-Rite review for a better version of this post and when we were much happier to eat slingers. I'm phoning this one in.

Tim's Review: Clearly nothing too exciting about Dave's Diner. I know it used to be an Eat Rite, but I still don't think it was as good. Actually, we probably ate the Eat Rite slinger close to a year ago, so in all honesty, I probably can't even remember well enough to make a fair comparison. Regardless, I'm going to say Dave's is not as good.

What's the problem with this slinger?....... I don't know really. My only real complaint is that the hash browns weren't crispy and slightly burnt. Remember those hash browns at The Buttery? I think that was way back in stop #2. Those are still some of my favorite hash browns. Even though Dave's is probably only about a 10 minute drive, it's still not worth the trip. I got plenty of other choice's for the standard diner slinger.

If you do find yourself crusing down lindbergh and you're looking for some cheap greasy food, I guess Dave's in not the worst spot. Just don't go to TJ's Diner because that place is kind of a shit hole.  

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