Friday, December 7, 2012

Stop #36: Jack Patrick's

Tony's Review: What better way to end a Thanksgiving weekend full of eating like a king then with a slinger? Tim and I headed downtown for a Monday night date, we rented a limo, wore matching white tuxedos and rooted for our favorite Monday Night Football teams to win the game. We've been putting this one off and for a while mainly because they are open late and we expected it to suck...which it didn't.

This slinger is the perfect bar slinger, it doesn't fuck around and doesn't care what it's "supposed to be" and works with what it has in the kitchen. No hash browns, only homemade potato chips, descent bar burger topped with soft pub cheese, a Tony favorite, chili and another Tony favorite fried crispy onions. No egg on this one although it probably would of made this even better. I will say the foil in the paper tray did suck and I was in constant fear of getting foil on my fork and eating some tasty foil but I got lucky. Maybe they're working on an updated menu item, Fear Slinger, sounds pretty good.

Even though we were expecting Jack Patrick's to completely turf out they actually came through on a solid bar slinger, will it be in the top ten? Fuck no but if you're stuck at this place before a sports game you may as well have diarreha at that sports game.

Tim's Review: How do we end up at all these sports bars in search of slingers? I'm no expert in watching sports, but I thought you were supposed to munch on hot wings and nachos and shit like that.

Like Tony said, we've been trying to ignore this place for quite a while now. I know every place wants to have their own special style of slinger, but no egg? What the fuck. You can make your special potatoes, throw in different kinds of meat, and whip up some crazy chili with pinto beans or whatever, but the egg is the one thing you can't fuck with in the slinger. What the hell makes Jack Patrick's thinks they're to good for a simple fried egg? And then there's that goddamn foil. Sooooo annoying. Maybe Jack Patrick's can team up with Humphrey's and they can place a big order of plates and silverware together and they'll get a price break for buying in bulk.

So even though Jack Patrick's gave me plenty to complain about, it's true, the slinger really wasn't that bad. Maybe if the Blues ever play again and I feel like picking foil out of my teeth while burping up chili and onions, I know where to go. 

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