Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stop #37: Soulard Coffee Garden

Tony's Review: We finally made it to one of my favorite breakfast spots—Soulard Coffee Garden.  Featuring off the wall breakfast items like: eggs, coffee, omelets and even breakfast potatoes!

This slinger is a true first class plate of trash. Let them load you up with top of the line steak chili, couple of sausage patties, eggies, breakfast potatoes and cheese—no onion because they know you have a date after you eat. I've had this one about 5 times and every time I think the same thing...this steak chili is great but there is way too much of it, it's always watery as hell and meat lovers beware theres too much damn steak in it. The potatoes are good but not the best, the sausage doesn't overwhelm which is nice for a change and the eggs and cheese blend nicely. Cover the whole thing with some premo Cholula and you're in business. But I keep going back to that chili which again is really good, probably great on its own, but in the big boy slinger it overwhelms. The slinger does work really well together even with some of my tuxedo concerns but I've earned my damn tuxedo at this point.

I do love this place and this might make it to the bottom top 10 if I remember to update the list that is. Don't be a chump and eat at this fucking place.

Tim's Review: Let me start off by saying that I really like the Soulard Coffee Garden. I like it a whole lot. I've had the huevos rancheros, some pancakes with blueberries or something mixed in, and I think I had the eggs benedict too. All excellent breakfast plates. I might even say that this is one of my favorite all around breakfast spots (behind Olivette diner). So what the hell is the problem with the slinger?

Steak chili sounds like a great idea, but for some reason this thing just doesn't impress. Maybe everything else on the menu is so great that I just set the expectation a little to high for this slinger. Soulard Coffee garden should easily be able to make the top ten. I forgot to mention I've also had the biscuit and gravy, which is the best biscuit and gravy dish by a mile. If this were instead a tour of the most badass biscuits and gravy in town, the Soulard Coffee Garden would jump right to the top of the list. I feel like eating a giant bowl of these biscuits and gravy right now and then going home and napping for 11 hours.

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