Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stop #39: Josh's House

Tim's Review: This is one of those super special slinger stops that only Tony and I get to enjoy. For some reason, when Tony put the word out that we're trekking around St. Louis eating all the slingers we can, people want to make their own version and watch us eat it. I had a friend tell me his idea of a slinger made with white castle burgers. Hmmmmmm, I don't know if that's genius or if it's headed for the hall of shit.

So one afternoon, this guy Josh says he's cooking for us. I met this guy once or twice before, but this is really Tony's buddy, so I felt extra creepy knocking on the door of a strange house to get some breakfast. Since I've never been there before, I couldn't help but think how weird it would be if I knocked on the wrong door, someone opens up and I'm standing there.... “ummm, I'm here for the slinger”. I make it in ok and then realize, I don't know anything about this guy. Why does he even want to make us a slinger? So I ask, “hey, is this some kind of special slinger recipe?” Maybe it's something he's been perfecting over the years. I was a little surprised (and secretly a little worried) when Josh responds with, “Nope. This is the first time I've ever made a slinger.” Great. Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to pretend to like this shit and then avoid conversation with him if I run into him again. Luckily, not the case. This thing was a great, classic slinger. Nice crispy hash browns, two massive burger patties, hearty home made chili and topped with an egg. Between the burger patties and the chili, there had to be at least a pound of meat on this plate and I couldn't help but finish every last bite. I think the chili was my favorite part and I could definitely eat a bowl that by itself.

For his first slinger, this guy knows how to make a little piggy like me happy. Way to go Josh!

Tony's Review: Oh Josh Booth, aka The Boothman, aka the White Knight, aka the King of Shit, has been known to cook some great food and ever since we started this damn tour he has always offered to make us a homemade slinger. So we waited patiently for 9 months and once he got off his ass and finally made a sweet batch of competition style chili with a list of bold, secret spices he was finally ready for us to come into his home, complain about how shitty the food was and thank him for wasting our time...luckily he proved us wrong and we didn't have to do that.

Josh went over the top with this one and he was clearly trying to impress Tim and I till our pants hit the ground and we were loose and conversational. To start we had some freshly sliced, homemade shredded hash browns, and as if that wasn't enough this mother fucker cooked them in bacon grease. Then he puts two gigantic home made, secretly spiced burgers on there which were cooked in a cast iron skillet so and I quote, "It wouldn't fuck with the flavors of the dish". Top it off with his competition style chili which was loaded with ground beef, this was easily the meatiest slinger we've eaten so far. Some hand shredded cheese, onion and two fried eggs to complete the plate. I'm not a huge eater but I struggled just to eat half of this delicious dish, luckily Josh was there to enjoy his own beautiful creation and enjoy the miraculous flavor combinations that his loins produced.

I knew Josh's slinger would be good, the dude knows how to cook, but I was super impressed with the extra care he put into it and how great all of the pieces tasted. If Josh was a real restaurant he would be in the Top 10, but since he's just some asshole with a house and a kitchen that no one else can go to he cannot be in there, but he can earn the crown of the King of Shit. Thanks again Josh. 

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