Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stop #40: Salt

Tony's Review: Our big 40th stop and we celebrate in style with one of the nicest stops and slingers we've had. We were surrounded by fabric table clothes, neatly placed silverware and numerous people looking for the bathroom (it was hard to find, not for diarreha reasons). This is a really nice place and we easily had the best waiter yet, dude was on point with premium water refills and being very attentive to our napkin placement on our laps, he kept adjusting Tim's, it was getting weird.

But enough about the best waiter in the world and on to their ultra premium slinger filled with ingredients that fancy people care about and scum bags like myself don't care about. This was a delicate, petite slinger which I'm into and not a troff of garbage like a lot of other places. Reading off their menu the slinger entails: biscuit, soy braised pork cheek (EEEXXXCCCUUSEEE ME), frites (which is what assholes call french fries), smothered in gravy, topped with an egg. This description is true, it was all of those things but the one thing they left off the menu was the lake of au jus or some liquid that the whole slinger was sitting in. Even though this is filled with bullshit it did taste really good, the biscuit had a nice taste, gravy was fresh, pork cheek was pretty good, fries were fine and the egg was nice but the whole dish was ruined for me with the au jus lake. Everything just slopped together and you didn't get to enjoy the yolk break into the plate it just got lost in the gravy.

This could of easily been in my top ten but the au jus lake really ruined the whole plate for me. If you use these premium ingredients that dick heads care about you should let them be dry and tasty not wet and soggy. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be eating out of the dumpster behind the McDonald's on Jefferson and 44.

Tim's Review: Good lord, I can't believe it's already been 40 slingers! It seem like just yesterday when Tony and I were the only 2 creeps sitting in the Courtesy Diner at 6pm ordering slingers. Salt is easily on of the fanciest places we've seen, but I still can't decide where I felt more out of place: Salt or Copia? Both are waaay too to classy for me and my Dickies. And for the record, I was one of those clowns snooping around looking for a place to urinate. How the hell was I to know that it was on the second floor?! This has to be the nicest bathroom I have ever relieved myself in. Not only was the lighting super romantic, but there was a fireplace in there!!!

Perhaps we're a little too easily distracted by the fancy d├ęcor. How was the slinger?? Pretty fucking great. I don't really care about all the high brow names they want to throw on this thing. I call it a gravy slinger with biscuit. Usually I'm not a big fan of the biscuit and gravy style, but this one was actually worth eating. Great biscuits, fries, perfectly fried egg. I'm going to say that this was my second favorite gravy slinger, right behind Rooster. Just like Tony said, if weren't for all that damn juice covering the bottom of the plate, this thing could have been top ten.  

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