Monday, January 28, 2013

Stop #42: Goody Goody Diner

Tony's Review: We finally made it to the legendary Goody Goody Diner and this place did not disappoint. We walk in and the place is packed with a long wait to get a table, surely it's gonna take 45 minutes right? WRONG! We were seated in like 12 minutes, Goody Goody is on top of this shit.

Technically they didn't have a slinger, but they did have a Wilbur Omelet which is a slinger but in a world-class format that babes love from coast to coast—the omelet. A sweet fluffy omelet filled with some great cubed potatoes and their buddies green pepper and onion, a Tony favorite. Then we're smothering it with chili and cheese. You get a side of rice, grits or more Tony favorite potatoes, obviously more potatoes is the way to go. THEN you get a choice of toast, english muffin, bagel or FRENCH TOAST! Yes french toast was an option that you didn't have to pay more money for. God Bless the U.S.A!

The whole thing worked really well, the omelet was perfectly cooked and really nice and fluffy. The potatoes had great flavor and weren't overly cooked or too soft, and the chili was really nice. My only issue and something that could of potentially brought this into my top ten would be the addition of some meat into the mix. Some bacon or sausage in the omelet/potato party could of launched this into super stardom but until then you will just have to eat a good "slinger" omelet with your buds at a restaurant that probably has 100 other great things.

Tim's Review: Goody Goody was a nice break from all the fancy restaurants and sports bars that we've been eating at for the past couple months. This place was the classic diner style that got us into this whole slinger business to begin with.

I definitely dig the omelet style and this thing was sized for an over eater like myself. The 3 choices of bread sounded pretty awesome, but I was in the mood for toast. Plus, I think we could have ordered grits on the side instead of the breakfast potatoes, but I'm not really a fan. So I guess it's all my fault that I didn't order anything that could have made this thing stand out. The absence of the meat was a little disappointing and didn't help with the lack in overall flavor.  I don't understand how something loaded with all those onions and peppers could fall flat in the flavor department. It's was good, but it just didn't make enough of an impression to break into the top 10.

I think this is one of those situations where I heard some great things about this place and then there was just too much time for the hype to build. I like Goody Goody a lot, and the slinger was definitely worth a try, but if I'm going to be 100% honest, I got to say I just don't think I'll be making the drive to eat there again anytime soon.   

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